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The heart, soul, &
strength of mojo

MOJO Pelvic Health was created from the vision and hard work of co-founders Amy Moses and Sara Lynn Johnson Fultz. With 30 years of combined experience in the physical therapy field, Amy and Sara Lynn came together in 2018 to form Moses & Johnson Therapy Associates, LLC, known today as MOJO Pelvic Health, with the goal to make physical therapy for pelvic health conditions more accessible to more people.

Before MOJO, Amy founded and served as director of pelvic health for pelvic health programs in Washington, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Sara Lynn was the director of pelvic health services at a large outpatient orthopedic physical therapy group. She developed the group’s pelvic health physical therapy program that had a presence in numerous states across the Southeast.

MOJO’s mission is to be the GOLD STANDARD for pelvic health physical therapy. Amy and Sara Lynn, along with their elite team of therapists, work to bring about life-changing results for patients and outcomes that significantly impact patients’ quality of life for the long term.

Expanding access, Empowering therapists 

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