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Why Partner with MOJO?
MOJO offers healthcare providers and clinical offices a much-needed resource, as few pelvic health physical therapists exist per capita nationwide. Adding our services gives you community visibility by elevating your healthcare offerings while upholding your high level of quality care.

Patients also receive enhanced continuity of care in a familiar setting, so they feel confident and supported by their medical team, helping to ensure long-lasting, healthy provider-patient relationships.

Our Business Model
Instead of following the traditional brick-and-mortar model of establishing a physical therapy clinic, we’ve created a business model that allows us to partner with businesses and other health professionals looking to provide our unique care offerings to their patients. We bring our specialized therapists and therapeutic protocols to your practice—an advantage for everyone, but especially your patients.

Currently, we are in 6 private practices/clinics and in 7 physician offices and as our field continues to grow and expand, we aim to continue to do our best to meet this need.

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MOJO Practice Partners

As a patient of the following practices, you can see one of our MOJO Pelvic Health Physical Therapists in the office of your provider. We work closely with your doctor or medical provider to ensure that your care is tailored to you based on your needs and your doctor’s recommendations.

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