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We are glad you are here. There is a good chance that you have already been told that pelvic floor issues are “normal,” “part of getting older” or “just how your body is after childbirth.” We are here to tell you that there is help and hope. At Moses & Johnson (MOJO) Therapy Associates, we treat the issues that are talked about the least but often impact our daily lives the most.

Get your MOJO back. Reach out and let one of our elite physical therapists customize a program just for you.

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Our team works with you to develop an individualized program in a private, one-on-one treatment session to achieve the results you need—and deserve. Learn about the types of conditions we treat and how we work.
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Mentoring & training

As the practice of pelvic health continues to grow nationwide, we aim to bring this vital service to more people in the Mid-South by hiring and training motivated, caring and skilled physical therapists.
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Practice Partners

Bring pelvic health physical therapy to your practice and offer a continuity of whole-body care to your patients in a comforting, familiar environment. We partner with a network of health and wellness providers in a variety of settings.
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Pelvic Therapy is for Everyone

Our MOJO Pelvic Health team treats pelvic issues for adults and children. We work with all bodies, all genders and all ages. Discomfort, pain, and issues in the pelvic floor can affect anyone and make everyday activities uncomfortable, stressful, and all-consuming.

At MOJO, we use our advanced skills and pelvic health training to bring relief and healing to each of our patients, because we know the impact that these conditions can have on a person’s daily life.

Bowel & Bladder Issues
Pelvic Pain
Lower Back or Hip Pain
Sexual Dysfunction
Pregnancy & PostPartum Support
Men’s Pelvic Health
Pediatric Pelvic Health
How We Work

"We created MOJO to change what pelvic health physical therapy looks like in the Midsouth. We’re doing this by making the services more accessible to more people, mentoring and training more talented therapists, and partnering with physicians and other healthcare professionals. We are building this for our patients, for our community, for our friends, and for our future."

MOJO Pelvic Health Telehealth

Did You Know?
Telehealth Offered, Insurance Accepted

We offer both in-person and telehealth sessions, and you can utilize your insurance benefits as well as your hsa/fsa for either option. Check with your insurance company about your physical therapy benefits, or let us know and we can assist with verifying your coverage. You do not need a referral to start physical therapy in the state of Tennessee. For our Mississippi locations, a referral is required from a physician, chiropractor, or nurse practitioner.

We are in network with: BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Medicare, United Healthcare, Healthscope, Healthsmart, PHCS, Tricare, MedBen, Humana, Ambetter, and more! Insurance networks vary by location

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