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March 30, 2022

5 Reasons You May Have Noticed Urinary Leakage Since March 2020

Let us give you this pearl of wisdom. Urinary issues (leaking, urgency, stop and go flow, etc.) are almost always a SYMPTOM of pelvic floor issues. Just like drooling would be a symptom of an issue with closing one’s mouth, urinary issues are a cry for help from the pelvic floor. 

Since March of 2020, we have seen SUCH an increase in pelvic floor symptoms. In particular, we have seen lots of new cases, or increased severity of ongoing cases, of urinary leakage and issues. 

Here are 5 factors that could be contributing to a new onset (or increased intensity) of urinary leakage:

1) We are entering into our THIRD year of a global pandemic.. So if that’s not stressful then we don’t know what is. And the research shows that there is a correlation between stress and pelvic floor symptoms.

2) So many of us have experienced changes in our work environment in the last two years- location, schedule, the amount of time we are sitting/standing/walking, etc. All of these changes in our work environment can cause changes in our posture and in pelvic floor symptoms.

3) Each time you cough and sneeze, your pelvic floor has to work to withstand the increase in pressure inside your body to prevent leakage. So, if you have been coughing/ sneezing more than usual and for multiple days in a row, your pelvic floor may not have been able to withstand the pressure, causing urinary leakage.

4) When March 2020 hit, so many of us had to stop going to our gym or workout classes. Since then, we have all made adjustments, whether it be exercising from home, running outside when we were used to running on a treadmill, etc. A change or decrease in your workout regimen can lead to your pelvic floor not getting the exercise or stretch that it needs to prevent urinary leakage from occurring. 

5) At some point in the last two years, we ALL have experienced changes in our daily routines. Whether your work location changed, or your kids suddenly were at home full time, your routine changes most likely resulted in a change in your toileting schedule as well. And changes in your frequency of urination can also lead to changes in your pelvic floor. 

If you have noticed urinary symptoms in the last couple of years, some of the factors above could definitely be contributing. If you have questions or are interested in care for urinary symptoms, contact us!

We’d love to help.

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