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July 7, 2022

How pelvic floor physical therapy can support your fertility journey

Fertility can be affected by so many factors, yet often the musculoskeletal system and mechanical aspect of the pelvis and reproductive system is not considered when it comes to fertility.

Issues can arise in one’s fertility journey and may include:

- ovulation issues
- hormonal imbalances
- physiological imbalances (includes diagnoses such as endometriosis and PCOS)
- mechanical issues (fallopian tube blockage, ovarian cysts, cervical alignment, adhesions etc.)

The category that we are discussing today is mechanical infertility. 

Mechanical infertility occurs when there is a physical obstruction that can prevent the egg and sperm from joining. Contributing factors to mechanical infertility include:

- Scar tissue in the abdomen or reproductive organs (from disease or surgery)
- Inflammation
- Lymphatic blockage in the pelvis
- Poor blood flow
- Even included in this category is the inability to tolerate, or severe pain with, intercourse

This is where pelvic PT can play a huge role in addressing some of the issues above. We can also decrease pain, manage symptoms commonly associated with PCOS and other diagnoses, and support you by treating the side-effects that are often associated with medications and other therapies. Your PT can continue working with you during the IUI or IVF process to manage pain or other issues. 

See the graphics below to learn about some of the ways that pelvic PT can be another tool in your toolbox on your fertility journey.

PT can support mechanical infertility by increasing blood flow to the pelvic floor, releasing tension that is connected to the reproductive organs, increasing lymphatic movement, decreasing pain with intercourse, and scar mobility
PT Can Support Mechanical Infertility

PT can support physiological infertility by addressing symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis
PT Can Support Physiological Infertility

PT can support Hormonal Therapy, IUI, and IVF
PT Can Support Hormonal Therapy, IUI, and IVF

PT for fertility support through manual therapy, mobilization, tissue massage, breath work, and therapeutic exercise
PT for Fertility Support

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