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May 17, 2021

Introducing MOJO: Part I

MOJO Pelvic Health was created from the combined passion of co-founders Amy MOses and Sara Lynn JOhnson Fultz. The MO and the JO behind MOJO.

Both of these women have made revolutionary change in the world of pelvic health in the Memphis area since starting their careers here years ago. Separately, they were both building and running successful pelvic health practices and advocating for pelvic health, but when these two powerhouses joined forces in 2018, the magic of MOJO began. Both women were 4 months postpartum with their babies, and more passionate than ever to work and create what is now MOJO Pelvic Health.

Despite officially launching MOJO 5 months before the COVID-19 pandemic, they added 4 new pelvic health PTs to their team, opened 3 new locations, and expanded into Mississippi and Arkansas. 

Their mission from the start has been to make pelvic health services known, accessible, and standardized for all women, men, children and teens so that anyone who has issues with their pelvic floor can have healing, freedom, and tools to live a full and empowered life. That mission is what they and their team are working to bring to their patients and community every day. 

Follow along to learn more about MOJO, your pelvic floor, and how this team of pelvic health physical therapists can help you or someone you know. 


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